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Deck of the week: Old Arabian Lenormand

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Brief weekly thoughts about a card randomly drawn from a Malpertuis deck - either about its creation, or possible factors to consider when it appears in a reading

Eight of Diamonds 2nd May 2017
from the Malpertuis Bridge J7 (2016)

The Eight of Diamonds is usually read as a sign of 'money in, money out'. Drawing the card this week prompted me to reflect on how completely out of sync I sometimes feel with the rest of society with regard to money, particularly in terms of my attitudes to credit.

Perhaps unsurprisingly for someone whose approach to finance is regularly mocked as Victorian (which, to be fair, it probably is), I'm forever amazed at how untroubled so many people are by the matter of debt. In my own circle, I have friends who'll happily treat themselves to things they can't really afford, or who've mortgaged themselves up to the hilt, or who'll take out a loan just to go on holiday - and who aren't, it seems, in the slightest bothered by a credit card balance that just gets larger and larger. It's such a contrast to my own experiences: buying my first car years ago 'on finance' and sweating until the day it was finally mine; never being able to relax properly in my home until the mortgage on it was paid off in full. I've always hated the idea of debt - any debt. Perhaps growing up in the country, and growing up with little, has stayed with me in terms of cutting my coat according to my cloth.

In a world where consumer credit always seems to be hovering on the cusp of catastrophe, it's obvious that my own approach is old-fashioned and somewhat alien. Even after twenty years of custom my bank still doesn't recognise that I don't want a loan - for anything. And at times it can actually feel like the whole motor of modern consumerism is determined to make me waste money. Live a little! Treat yourself! Go mad for once! You deserve it!

Maybe I should. The Eight does, after all, indicate money going out as well as money coming in. For most querents it's a warning against reckless spending: perhaps in my case the card's telling me to stop being Silas Marner.


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